11/09/2019 National workshop on the Marine Litter in Egypt

In collaboration with the Egyptian ministry of environment and Marine protected areas of the Red Sea, PERSGA organized a national workshop aiming to raise public awareness on marine litter. The workshop were held at EMERSGA center in Hurghada-Egypt.
 The workshop highlighted the devastating effect of marine litter on the sensitive ecosystems of the Red Sea and emphasized the importance of reducing marine litter in order to protect marine life. As part of the workshop, PERSGA in association with the Egyptian Ministry of Environment and Marine protected areas organized several clean up campaigns.  
More than 100 volunteers representing the Egyptian scout team in Red-Sea governorate, the local municipalities, marine protected areas specialists, local fishermen and villagers and other entities participated in the cleanup campaigns in different areas along the Egyptian coast of the Red Sea under supervision of the Egyptian ministry of Environment and PERSGA officials.  

The Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden