13/06/2010 Assessment of Coral Reef Vulnerability to Climate Change Impacts

PERSGA held a regional training workshop on “Assessment of Coral Reef Vulnerability to Climate Change Impacts” during 13-15 June at PERSGA-EMARSGA center in Hurghada. The workshop was organized in collaboration with ISESCO and was attended by 25 participants from PERSGA member states and the Arabian Gulf region.

The workshop program included a series of presentations on various issues related to coral vulnerability to Climate Change impacts, and field training on assessment of coral status in relation to monitoring Climate Change induced bleaching and other effects.

Topics addressed by the presentations on the 1st and 2nd days of the workshop mainly covered:

  • Coastal/Marine vulnerability assessment and linkages to adaptation options and planning;
  • Coral bleaching and diseases;
  • Impacts of ocean acidification;
  • Historical air and seawater temperature trends in the region
  • El-Nino and its impacts;
  • NOAA Coral Bleaching Program
  • Bleach Watch Protocol
  • Crown-of-thorn vs. bleaching in the Red Sea
  • PERSGA regional reef surveys and bleaching
  • National presentations on coral reef status by the participants
  • Approaches to regional planning for Coral Bleaching Response.

the fieldwork -on the third day of the workshop-  included a diving session for practical training on coral bleaching monitoring and assessment.

The training team consisted of Dr. Moshira Hassan (Reef Watch Program), Dr. Mohamed Kotb (PERSGA), Dr. Ahmed Khalil (PERSGA), Dr. Mohamed Salem (Director Red Sea MPAs-EEAA), Mr. Mohamed Yousry (Suez Canal University).

The opening session was addressed by the director of EMARSGA and the ISESCO representative.

The Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden