07/02/2011 Grant Inception Workshop

The Regional Organization for the Conservation of Environment of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden “ PERSGA” is joining efforts with the World Bank to develop a Regional Project on Strategic Management of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. This is based on the Project Identification Document “PIF” cleared by PERSGA Focal Points in a workshop organized by PERSGA in August 2008 and approved by GEF in March 2010. In its approval of the PIF GEF has emphasized that the real weight of the project should be in actual on ground activities rather than capacity building. To this effect the Project Development Objective “PDO” has been set as supporting transition from Traditional Management to Ecosystem Based Management by demonstrating added value through institutional and on-ground activities in the in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. The Project includes three main components:
Component 1: Implementation of ecosystem based management approach to living resources
Component 2: Strengthening the principles of marine managed areas.
Component 3: Optimizing and integrating monitoring activities.

Inception Workshop of the Project Preparation Grant ‘PPG” has been carried out at PERSGA Headquarters in Jeddah during the period February 7th – 8th 2011. The main objective of the inception workshop was setting up of a Contact Committee ‘Regional Taskforce” of the project consisting of representatives of the World Bank, PERSGA and the partner countries. The specific objectives of the inception workshop were to:
•    establish a Contact Committee of the PPG consisting of WB, PERSGA and Partner Countries representatives
•    discuss proposed activities of the PPG and components to be included in the full project document 
•    finalize TORs for the planned studies that will provide guidance, help with data gathering and prioritize analytical work for preparation of the full project document. 

In the opening session participants were addressed by H E the Secretary General who emphasized the need for working very closely between participants from the countries, the World bank and PERSGA to develop the detailed project document to best benefit of the countries. The World Bank representatives at the workshop were Dr. Tracy Hart Senior Environmental Officer, Task Team Leader, Red Sea and Gulf of Aden Strategic Ecosystem Project and Ms. Samia Al Duaij Operations Officer in the MENA Region. PERSGA representatives were Dr. Mohammad Badran Director of Projects Management Scientific Research and Monitoring, Dr. Ahmad Khalil Coordinator of the Marine Living Resources Program and Mr. Zaher Al Agwan Coordinator of Marine Protected Areas Program. Participants from the countries were lead technical / scientific specialist in each of the three fields of the project components. The project has achieved its set objectives and by the end of the workshop it has been agreed that Participants from the countries will be responsible for follow up with the project with the project’s coordinating unit at PERSGA, each in his / her area of expertise, in providing input, reviewing and giving opinions of the studies that will be produced in support of preparation of the full project document.

The Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden