The project for mangrove assessment on the Red Sea Coast of Saudi Arabia

PERSGA has recently initiated implementation of a project for “Assessment of Mangroves on the Red Sea Coast of Saudi Arabia”, in collaboration with National Commission for Wildlife Conservation and Development (NCWCD). The project endeavour to assessing the status of mangroves and their communities, current ecological impacts and stress on mangroves, their vulnerability to the possible impacts of Climate Change; and suggesting procedural recommendations for national plans aiming at mangrove conservation and development.
The project activities include a field survey that are be carried out in two phases: phase I including mangroves located on the Red Sea coast from Jeddah to north of Dhuba, and phase II including mangroves from Jeddah to the southern borders and Farasan Archipelago. Information and data will be collected for assessing the condition of the mangrove stands and sites suitable for mangrove planting in future projects aiming at mangrove restoration and extension. The project outputs will also provide a foundation for creating, updating and synthesis of habitat maps and GIS for the mangroves along the extensive Red Sea coast Saudi Arabia.
In December 2009, a joined research team from PERSGA and NCWCD has conducted the first phase of the field survey including mangrove stands on the Red Sea coast from Jeddah to north of Dhuba. Arrangements are ongoing to launch phase II of the field surveys and carry on the project activities as planned in 2010.


The Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden