Environmental Education and Communication Programme

PERSGA's Public awareness, participation and outreach activities are designed to assist the implementation of all PERSGA programmes and activities by ensuring a participative approach. These activities have been instrumental in developing environmental consciousness, encouraging local ownership of initiatives (primarily through the Community Participation Projects programme), and in promoting environmental education.  They have also played a key role in raising the profile of PERSGA at regional and international levels.  PERSGA has produced a variety of materials and publications to help communicate its conservation activities and help encourage public appreciation for the Region's rich marine and coastal resources.

PERSGA developed Regional strategy for Environmental Education and Sustainable Development in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. The strategy aspires to set up a new and integrated vision for the public awareness including all related stakeholders and users of marine and coastal resources such as educational institutions, media and decision makers to spread the marine environment awareness in the region.

Throughout the education and awareness programmes, PERSGA intends to discuss and suggest new solutions for many marine and coastal environmental issues at the national and regional level, with emphasis on the specific priorities of member countries to conserve and develop the local marine environment values and practices. Education Strategy

The document covers the following strategic areas:

  • regional structural joint and unified programs
  • specific programs related to local and national values
  • education programs in marine environment
  • public awareness programs for marine environment
  • capacity building programs for marine resources users
  • strengthening PERSGA capacities in environmental awareness

The strategic direction consists of integrated and detailed activities which can be developed as projects and executable action plans at the national or regional level.

PERSGA gives a great importance to the environmental awareness to support its efforts to conserve the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden environment. PERSGA previously undertaken many environmental education programs and produced a series of documentation like "School Kit on Environmental Education, Education Guidelines for sustainable Development" and many other outreach materials in contribution to the international community efforts in achieving sustainable development.

Education for Sustainable Development of Marine and Coastal Resources

"Integration or strengthening of environmental subjects into existing academic curricula is crucial for building awareness among the younger generations”

Education is critical for longterm respect of the environment.  As such, PERSGA aims to start at the roots of awareness and inspire longterm conservation action by actively facilitating the development of environmental activities in schools. PERSGA's environmental education activities make use of a variety of resource tools that are designed both to enhance the understanding and appreciation of the marine environment among students, as well as to train teachers on how to promote the environment through their classroom lectures.  To help generate interest, PERSGA calls its educational resource package "Because I Care".

 Why “because I care”?

“Once we understand what we have, we shall then learn how to love it. Every time we learn something new about our environment, we love it more and more. We would love the idea of keeping it unharmed, the idea of keeping it for next generations to enjoy its benefits and beauty. In addition, with love comes caring. When we love the environment, we shall care for it, and because we care, we would like to know more about it, we would want to know how to protect it, and we would develop a sense of stewardship of our planet.

 because I care    
We care for these matters because they are very important for our survival on this earth, and because our concern makes us experience many joys of life, joys we have missed by missing our connection with nature and our carelessness towards it, and because we care, we need to learn more about our environment and how to preserve it.”

Al-Sanbouk Newsletter:
Al Sanbouk is the name given to wooden vessels powered by sail and engine that have taken goods to and from most ports in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden for hundreds of years.  Just as these boats transferred goods across borders, the Al-Sanbouk Newsletter seeks to transfer environmental and conservation knowledge amongst Member States and to the public at large.

Outreach Material:
PERSGA ,on regular basis,produces brochures, printed in Arabic, English and French, and several other materials providing information on the Organization, the Jeddah Convention, and PERSGA’s activities. Posters are prepared with informative and conservation messages.

In 2003, UNDP assisted with the preparation of three topical video films for the region, and the film ‘Red Alert’ has been internationally broadcast.

Public Participation Centers:
To facilitate the PAP board’s activities and information exchange, PERSGA has helped set up five national public Environmental Information Centres in the region. Equipment has been provided for centres in Djibouti, NE and NW Somalia, Yemen and Sudan, and are used regularly by the PAP Board members

Raising PERSGA’s Profile:

PERSGA visibility has improved substantially with its admittance as an observer at the World Summit on Sustainable Development (Johannesburg, August 2002) and the presentation of a side event during the 4th PrepCom meeting in Bali-Indonesia.: In Bali, a side event for PERSGA Council, was conducted; the council endorsed the document and insisted that PERSGA should effectively participate in the WSSD; PERSGA got the UN observation st status to participate in the WSSD. It was recognised as one of the international NGO’s. it is the same status of all UN organisations; our participation in the WSSD put PERSGA on the international map of the organisations working on the conservation of marine and coastal issues.






The Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden